Bandai Namco Announce Partnership with ISKN on a Unique Product

Today, Bandai Namco has announced a partnership with French tech firm ISKN You may not be aware of ISKN, so let me introduce you. The Grenoble based firm started with the iSketchnote, which gained $346,127 from Kickstarter on a target of just $35,000. What was originally the iSketchnote was then renamed and launched as the Slate, a graphical tablet that allows you to draw with pen and pencil, on paper, with the resulting drawing also appearing on the tablet itself.

The purpose of this deal is to work together, using ISKN's "multi-patented augmented interaction technology" and the publishing expertise of Bandai Namco to develop and release what is described as "a unique product centered around fun, creativity and immersion".

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Herve Hoerdt, SVP of Publishing at Bandai Namco has this to say on the partnership:

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment is always on the lookout for exciting partnerships to bring more fun for everyone. Having our Innovation Department collaborate with ISKN helped us think outside of the box and deliver a brand-new way of fun, interaction and creation to a new generation.

ISKN co-founder and CEO, Jean-Luc Vallejo, had this to say:

Freeing up creativity & imagination is at the heart of our tech DNA. We’re looking forward to adding more fun and innovation to the lives of families around the globe! Working with a major entertaining company like Bandai Namco is a tremendous opportunity to bring an ambitious product to life & disrupt an established market.

As to what the two companies are going to be making in this partnership, this is something that won't be revealed until July 24th, at The Toy Insider’s Sweet Suite 2019 event in New York. The only guess I could make is in linking the drawing capabilities of ISKN's tech, it could work wonders with games that featured drawing, should they make a title like Okami or Draw Something. Sadly, what it also brings to mind is uDraw, THQ's failed graphical tablet from 2010. However, the expertise of ISKN and the development of the technology has improved from almost a decade ago.

We'll keep you up to date with news of this partnership as more is revealed.

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