Babylon’s Fall is Toning Down its Oil Painting Visual Style to Make the Action Clearer

Nathan Birch
Babylon's Fall

At this year’s E3, Square Enix and Platinum Games finally provided a fresh look at Babylon’s Fall, and the reaction to the action RPG was somewhat mixed. While the trailer provided plenty of Platinum’s trademark intense action, many questioned its visual style, which attempts to emulate the look of an oil painting, but at times just looks rather blurry and hard to read. That might be okay in a low-key turn-based RPG, but an action-RPG like Babylon’s Fall requires a certain amount of clarity. Thankfully, Platinum seems to realize that, as following Babylon Fall's closed betas, they’re toning down the oil painting effect in order to make the game sharper and more readable.

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Definitely looking better, although honestly, they could probably sharpen it up even a bit more. Haven’t been keeping up with Babylon’s Fall? The game is intended to be Platinum’s entry into the “games as a service” realm, with a focus on co-op, upgrading characters and continually forging further up a giant tower. Here’s a quick official description…

Join a group of warriors bonded with special equipment called Gideon Coffins in an odyssey to overcome the titanic Tower of Babylon. Wield unique weapons in both hands, and use the power of the Gideon Coffin, allowing for combinations of up to four weapons at once. The capabilities of different equipment will also bring endless strategic variation to combat. Game visuals are achieved using a newly developed “brushwork style” to create a unique fantasy setting with a medieval oil painting aesthetic. Play in co-op online multiplayer for up to 4 players. The game will feature a range of game modes post launch at no additional cost.

Babylon’s Fall is coming to PC, PS4, and PS5. A release window has yet to be announced.

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