AVerMedia Releases The Live Gamer DUO Capture Card


AVerMedia is well known for creating devices designed with live content creators in mind, and this device is for a select type of streamer as well. The Live Gamer Duo is a dual-HDMI input device, and this means that streamers that generally require two different capture cards will only need to install this device into the system saving on space and clutter. The Live Gamer DUO capture card is currently priced at $249.99, on the AVerMedia's website.

AVerMedia Launches the Live Gamer DUO capture card offers two Full-HD inputs designed with Live Content Creators

Many live creators utilize some form of capture card to get the video input to the recording/live streaming software. Some live creators use high-end cameras that don't natively connect to the computer but instead need a capture card to get the video feed into the software. This means that some live creators need to use two different capture cards to stream at the highest quality. The Live Gamer DUO is designed to eliminate the need for two capture cards in a single system.

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Source: AVerMedia

This device features its own powerful onboard video processing capabilities ensures that the content creator's PC is working on only the game at hand instead of processing the webcam footage. The Live Gamer DUO, which is shortened to just DUO, allows live content creators to record up to two different independent and uncompressed Full HD 60 FPS video feeds, which can easily be imported into a variety of different live streaming software.

While this capture card does record two Full HD 60 FPS video feeds, this card does offer up to 4K resolution and 60 FPS pass-through for the single output. The first HDMI input offers the pass-through for a monitor while the second HDMI input is designed for use with any mirrorless camera, DSLR, or camcorder.

For lighting, the Live Gamer DUO capture card features support for RGB lighting effects, which are controlled through software provided by AVerMedia, allowing this device to match the rest of your PC's lighting system. The Live Gamer DUO capture card is currently available on AVerMedia's website and AVerMedia's reseller websites and is currently priced at $249.99.