The ASUS VG245Q Is a FreeSync-Capable Gaming Display That Will Not Break the Bank

ASUS VG245Q affordable gaming display

Gaming monitors that feature crisp resolutions, higher refresh rates and low response times will cost you a pretty penny. However, with the announcement of the ASUS VG245Q, the budget-oriented crowd will definitely be pleased with what the manufacturer has unveiled. Can you guess what price bracket ASUS intends to target its latest gaming display?

The ASUS VG245Q Features a 24-Inch 1080p Resolution With a Maximum Refresh Rate of 75Hz

With the latest gaming display announced, ASUS intends to price its latest product in the sub-$250 range, making it possible for gamers on a budget to experience fluid gameplay when they immerse themselves in the latest gaming titles. Since the target audience is completely different as opposed to the enthusiast-grade gaming displays ones, there are more than a few compromises that had to be made, but overall the specifications are decent.

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ASUS is not a manufacturer that goes easy on the price tag of its products, and you can tell from the images that its VG245Q features proper gaming aesthetics to spice up the surrounding of your room. It sports a 1ms response time and a 75Hz refresh rate. Most readers will probably be complaining that the display should have featured a 144Hz refresh rate, but to keep that price tag down to where it can become an attractive product for a wide-range of consumers, such trade-offs had to be made.

There are several ports that the user can take advantage of ranging from the archaic yet widely used VGA port, two HDMI 1.4a ports and one DisplayPort 1.2a input. There are also dual-2-watt stereo speakers added but we are not sure if they will deliver stellar audio quality at this price range. The stand looks absurdly big, but that is to support the estimated 5.1KG of the entire display.

You can also adjust the ASUS VG245Q’s display to appear vertical or horizontal, so that is a nice touch that has been included. For a sub-$250 price tag, this will definitely be on the thoughts of the budget crowd, and while its specs are inferior to that of the high-end models, it can still end up serving you well.

Do you think the price tag is going to be ideal for consumers who are on limited funds? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments.

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