ASUS To Unveil ROG Laptop With The World’s Fastest Refresh Rate

ASUS To Unveil ROG Laptop With The World’s Fastest Refresh Rate

During Computex 2016, ASUS plans on bedazzling the mobile gaming crowd with its ROG laptop offerings that is going to sport one feature that no other gaming laptop has ever come with before.

ASUS ROG Gaming Laptop To Offer The World’s Fastest Refresh Rates: 120Hz

A panel with 120Hz refresh rate is going to be twice as fast as conventional notebook panels, and will provide a much more fluid experience, particularly in gaming titles which are filled with live-active sequences and require quick-trigger fingers, such as DOOM. ASUS ROG gaming notebooks are going to be available in screen sizes of 15 and 17 inches, though the resolution has yet to be disclosed at this current time.

One could say that both 15 and 17-inch gaming notebooks could be offered in the 1080p and 4K resolution variants, but 4K is only limited to a refresh rate of 60Hz, so let us remove that from the equation for now. Coming to additional details of these panels, ASUS’ gaming laptops will feature 120Hz Advanced Hyper-Viewing Angle (AHVA) display panels. For those that don’t know, AHVA technology is expected to deliver superb image quality and contrast even when viewed elements present on the screen are seen from extreme angles.


One added perk of having the new AHVA panels present in the ASUS ROG gaming notebooks is that they are compatible with NVIDIA’s G-SYNC technology, which synchronizes the display’s refresh rate with the laptop’s graphics card for ultra-smooth visuals. Additionally, they will also provide the same color performance as current ROG laptops for rich and vibrant hues.

While immersing in fast-paced games will certainly be a treat for those who decide to invest in these gaming notebooks, one added advantage is that the faster refresh rate also reduces screen flicker, making it less likely for gamers to experience strained eyes during marathon gaming sessions. ASUS will be showing off its latest mobile gaming offerings at Computex 2016 so whatever details that currently elude us at this time will be made available during the grand unveiling.

Are you guys excited for ASUS ROG gaming laptops to be showcased at Computex 2016? Let us know your thoughts right away.


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