ASUS ROG’s New Bezel-free Kit Gives Your Multi-Monitor Setup the Borderless Look Using Light Refraction – Mind Blown Yet?


Multi-monitor setups are cool, but those bezels get in the way. Luckily, ASUS ROG has a solution, and it involves light refraction and a few lenses.

A New Kit from ASUS ROG Promises to Hide Those Ugly Bezels in Your Dual Monitor Setup Using Light Refraction.

Ask anyone and they'll go right ahead to tell you how amazing a multi-monitor setup is for getting some serious work done. But if you are a gamer, you know that void between where one monitor ends and the other begins can be an extreme pain to look at. Sure, you can remedy it by tossing a thousand bucks and getting an ultra-wide, but it just does cut it like how a real-deal multi-monitor setup does. What's the solution? Apparently, ASUS ROG has one and it involves light refraction.

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A contraption, aptly named Bezel-free Kit, attaches between two monitors, houses lenses aimed at 130-degrees that come into play to refract light in order to create the borderless look. This gives the user the impression that they are using one huge ultra-wide instead of looking at separate monitors with ugly bezel separations between them. Sure, it is not entirely perfect, but it's way better than dumping your current setup for an ultra-wide.

The great part is that the kit doesn't rely on software, a power supply or anything else. Just slap it onto your monitor and you are good to go. It also appears as though this kit will work on any monitor you might have and not restricted to just those from ASUS. But of course, we need confirmation on that end as details regarding the kit are rather sparse at this point.

Speaking of sparse details, ASUS hasn't announced any release date or pricing of the Bezel-free Kit. We only know for sure that it will come out in 2018. We will update everyone as soon as it becomes available or more details emerge, so stay tuned.

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