ASUS ROG Unveils World’s Fastest 10 Gigabit Low Latency WiFi Router At Computex 2018

Usman Pirzada

ASUS ROG has just unveiled the world's fastest router (by quite a margin) that can achieve speeds up to 10 Gigabit per second, which is equivalent to basic Ethernet speeds and is roughly a 2.3x leap from existing high end routers. The company has achieved this feat without sacrificing on latency and some gaming centric features including Game Boost.

ASUS ROG unveils world's fastest WiFi router

The new router can handle multiple devices connected simultaneously to it and can provide as much as up to 4x lower latency to gaming scenarios using its gaming centric features. The "three-level game acceleration" uses a plethora of local and server based features to prioritize and accelerate gaming traffic and claims to offer a far superior experience than a non-gaming router.

The company already has a pretty diverse and formidable portfolio of wifi routers and this is going to be the ultimate flagship in its collection. Considering how pricey the previous flagships were, this is almost certainly not going to be a cheap device. 
Pricing and availability will be updated as soon as we learn about it. 

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