ASUS Reveals ExpertBook B9, Utilizing Intel’s 12th Gen Alder Lake vPro CPUs

Jason R. Wilson
Image source: ASUS

ASUS revealed the company's flagship business laptop for 2022 the ExpertBook B9, which launches with the Intel Core i7 mobile CPU (Alder Lake series) and is one of several business-level products on the Intel vPro Essentials platform.

ASUS launches brand new ExpertBook B9 laptop, packed with the Intel i7 Alder Lake mobile vPro Essentials CPU platform for elite executives

The new ASUS ExpertBook B9 offers users a 14-inch screen while being both lightweight (weighing in at 880g²), energy-efficient, and grants users higher security with several industry innovations only available in a premium laptop such as this.

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 ASUS is thrilled to bring the ExpertBook B9, an eco-conscious and highly reliable laptop model, to the market. As workplaces shift towards hybrid models across industries, executives and business owners can use these new models to work from anywhere, thanks to the ExpertBook B9’s long battery life and sleek design. It’s engineered with cutting-edge technologies to improve on-the-go work efficiency and provide enterprise-grade security to keep confidential data safe. The priorities of today’s workers have also changed, and the ExpertBook B9 provides users across industries with a responsible choice to achieve their business goals while contributing to a brighter sustainable future.

— Benjamin Yeh, ASUS Computer International President

ASUS ExpertBook B9 laptop's 13-inch chassis is made of magnesium lithium-alloy, so the system can easily travel wherever the user needs to work. The chassis is also extremely tough, offering military-grade durability. The battery life is, at maximum, sixteen hours on a single charge. Embedded into the laptop chassis is an AI-enhanced webcam utilizing innovative noise-canceling technology so that all conference calls offer excellent communication.


Intel rounds out the performance on the laptop with the company's 12th Gen Core (Alder Lake mobile) i7 vPro Essentials processor. The chip utilizes TPM 2.0 to give users an added security level in a hybrid workspace through enhanced encryption and password keys so that users can rest comfortably knowing their data and transactions are safe and secure.

The ExpertBook B9 laptop from ASUS carries the ENERGY STAR 8.0 and EPEAT Gold certifications, watching the company's environmental impact. ASUS also assures that their product is packaged in FSC MIX cardboard, transforming into a stand to limit ecological usage.

ASUS's ExpertBook B9 laptop comes in two flavors for business users on Amazon:

Business professionals interested in more information about the ASUS ExpertBook B9 laptop can check out ASUS's company website.

News Sources: ASUS B9 16GB 1TB version, ASUS 32GB 2TB version, ASUS company site

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