ASUS Radeon HD 6990 Gets Listed For Pre-Orders!

Another tech site, TechPowerUp!, had spotted the listing of the new upcoming Dual GPU AMD HD 6990 Graphics Card for pre-order at an European retailer

The card can be pre-ordered for € 715, that's around US $1,000! € 715 is a pretty steep price, even for pre-order as the card is expected to retail for around € 572.25 ($ 802).

The card carries the SKU EAH6990 3DI4S/4GD5. Specifications listed on the site show that the card carries a clock of 830 MHz core, and 1250 MHz (5000 MHz effective) memory that packs 4 GB of DDR5 memory. AMD's Radeon HD 6990 graphics card is expected to be launched tomorrow, that is, the successor of the much fame acclaimed DX11 ATi HD 5970 Graphics Card.

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