Assassins Creed: Brotherhood to get free DLC for PS3

Rizwan Anwer

Ubisoft has given a huge surprise to fans of Assassins Creed Brotherhood for the PlayStation 3 in the face of a free DLC right after the release date of the game, the DLC is going to be called the Copernicus Conspiracy in which you will do various missions for one of the worlds most renowned renaissance astronomers Copernicus, apparently Ezio will have to stop a conspiracy being launched against Copernicus and the DLC will have Courier, Assassination and protection missions.

I just hope that the DLC is region free so that it can be fully appreciated by the fans of the game. This is also a great gesture from Ubisoft to the PlayStation community to give players a reason to play the game longer, although I will definitely play the DLC after the main story line finishes I look forward to adding this DLC to my download queue. Expect the DLC to hit PlayStation Store on November 19th.

Source: TVG

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