ASRock & NZXT Z690, H670, B660 & H610 Motherboards For Intel Alder Lake CPUs Leak Out

ASRock & NZXT Z690, H670, B660 & H610 Motherboards For Intel Alder Lake CPUs Leak Out

VideoCardz recently received a list of upcoming ASRock & NZXT motherboards that will utilize the Intel 600 series to support the Alder Lake CPU. This list confirms actual chipset designations, the low-level H610 series, the mid-level H670, and B660 series, and the higher-end Z690 series that will feature overclocking support for unlocked CPUs.

Several ASRock & NZXT Intel 600-Series Motherboards Leak Out, Z690 For Flagship & Unlocked Alder Lake CPUs

For the Intel Z690 chipset motherboards, we are looking at the Phantom Gaming 4 (along with variants to this model utilizing Wi-fi), Phantom Gaming Velocita, PRO RS, PRO 4, Extreme, Steel Legend, as well as new Riptide series boards. In this chipset, they are also producing a Mini-ITX motherboard in the near future.

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ASRock Phantom Gaming motherboards are synonymous with great power control to the CPU, allowing for the system to run efficiently but also at low temperatures for even the most intense games. Also, with their Intel utilization, they promise "best throughput performance, lower CPU utilization, enhanced stability," for a better experience for users. The Phantom Gaming series also will utilize Thunderbolt 4 connectivity, and some of the boards will have dedicated wireless options for their boards.

The Extreme and Steel Legend motherboards offer high performance but are more featured on the look of the board, showcasing aesthetics as well as efficiency and strength. Features like dedicated connections for GPUs are shown on each model. The Extreme and Steel Legend boards also allow for superb memory capacity ability for consumers.

The NZXT appears to only focus on the Intel Z690, which will offer a higher-end experience for users.

The list, shown in the picture below, does not feature any of the Taichi, Aqua, or OC Formula Series. but rest be assured, those motherboards will also make their way during launch in November 2021 but the focus is more on the Phantom Gaming and PRO lines, especially with the Z690 and B660 chipsets.

  • N7-Z69XT
  • N5-Z69XT
  • Z690 PG Velocita
  • Z690 Phantom Gaming 4
  • Z690 Phantom Gaming 4/ax
  • Z690M Phantom Gaming 4
  • Z690 PG Riptide
  • Z690 Phantom Gaming-ITX/TB4
  • H670 PG Riptide
  • Z690 Extreme
  • Z690 Extreme WiFi 6E
  • Z690 Steel Legend
  • Z690 Steel Legend WiFi 6E
  • H670 Steel Legend
  • B660 Steel Legend
  • B660M Steel Legend
  • Z690 Pro RS/D5
  • Z690 Pro RS H670M Pro4
  • B660 Pro RS
  • B660M Pro RS
  • B660M Pro RS/ac
  • Z690 Pro4
  • B660M Pro4
  • B660M Pro4/ac
  • B660 Pro4
  • B660M-HDV
  • H610M-HDV/M.2
  • H610M-HDV
  • H610M-HVS
  • Z690-C/ac
  • Z690-C/ax
  • Z690-C/D5
  • B660M-C
  • Z690M-ITX/ax
  • H670M-ITX/ax
  • B660M-ITX/ac
  • H610M-ITX/ac
Several Intel 600-series motherboards from ASRock & NZXT have been leaked. Source: VideoCardz

The H- and C-Series of motherboards are to be considered more along with the economically friendly motherboards that ASRock is planning on releasing with the new Intel 600 series.

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