ARK Survival Evolved Will Now Provide Support for NVIDIA Ansel


The action-adventure survival video game ARK Survival Evolved now has support for NVIDIA’s Ansel in-game photography tool, and there are other things supported now that you’ll be brought up to speed on.

ARK Survival Evolved Will Also Be Adding Support for Both ARK Survival Evolved and the Game’s New Expansion Pack: Scorched Earth.

NVIDIA Ansel will gives gamers a lot more room when it comes capturing a unique moment while playing the game, and this is done by removing the restrictions that had tied you down to before. Now, it provides you with a free-roaming camera that can easily be modified with as simple as the click of a mouse and you can be on your merry way to adding filters, adjusting contrast, and several other in-depth additions that will deliver a large degree of differences in your captured images.

At this current time, NVIDIA Ansel also provides support to snap images resolutions that are higher than your monitor’s maximum resolution. What this means in simple terms is that a 4K screenshot will no longer require you to possess a 4K monitor to carry out the action. That being said, NVIDIA Ansel is giving freedom to gamers to take images that are up to 63,360 x 35,640 in size. The crux of the feature has been provided below:

“We’ve enabled ARK: Survival Evolved and its expansion pack Scorched Earth with NVIDIA Ansel, a powerful, easy-to-use game camera that lets you capture professional-grade screenshots in ways you never could before. ARK players can now enjoy the biggest expansion pack yet, entitled Scorched Earth, an entirely new desert-themed ARK filled with new biomes, creatures, gameplay mechanics, and challenges that will push players’ survival skills to the limit.”

To capture your own unique ARK: Survival Evolved screenshots using NVIDIA Ansel, follow the instructions given at the bottom:

  • Download and install latest GPU Game Ready driver from GeForce Experience or
  • Open Steam and download the new ARK: Survival Evolved game update.
  • Play ARK: Survival Evolved and press Alt + F2 during gameplay to open the NVIDIA Ansel interface.
  • From here, you can reposition the camera using the keys WASD, Z, X, and left mouse (hold shift to accelerate movement), or use a controller (D-Pad navigates the Ansel UI, ‘A’ on Xbox controllers takes screenshots), change Ansel options as desired, click ‘Snap’, and open your ‘Videos’ folder in Windows to view the results.

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