Get The ArgomTech Laptop Cooling Pad For Under $20 With This Awesome Discount Offer – Limited Time Discount

ArgomTech Laptop Cooling Pad

Do you spend countless hours on your laptop? If yes, then you know that laptops can get extremely hot and you can no longer use laptops on your lap. The solution to this is to get a cooling pad and I have used many over the years. Many of them are either very heavy or have extremely crappy quality. Some are extremely terrible looking as well. Wccftech is offering a limited time discount offer on the ArgomTech Laptop Cooling Pad with 3 Fans. The offer will expire soon, so avail it right away.

ArgomTech Laptop Cooling Pad with 3 Fans features

This Notebook base allows air circulation that will cool the air around your laptop. It has a very modern and ergonomic design that allows for complete comfort while you use your laptop. It works via a USB port and helps control the temperature and improves the life of your computer. It isn’t bulky and you can carry it around easily as well. Here are highlights of what the ArgomTech Laptop Cooling Pad has in store for you:

  •  Total cooling air circulation around your laptop
  •  Modern design for ergonomic positioning
  •  Connects via USB port
  •  Controls laptop temperature & prevents overheating


  •  Color: clear
  •  Product dimensions: 1.3"H x 11.6"L x 9.6"W
  •  3x 2.4" extra quiet fans
  •  Input voltage: USB 5V DC
  •  Speed: up to 1500 rpm
  •  4x rubber feet
  •  Low noise level


  • wi Laptop Cooling Pad with 3 Fans

The discount offer will allow you to get this amazing gadget for just $19.99. The offer will expire in less than a week so you better avail it right away. You can even pay for a warranty if you wish and you can avail the benefits for much longer. So, what are you waiting for? Just click away and get this device right now.

Original Price ArgomTech Laptop Cooling Pad: $24.99
Wccftech Discount Price ArgomTech Laptop Cooling Pad: $19.99

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