Arctic Announces the Freezer 7 X CPU Cooler

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The Arctic Freezer 7 Pro has been a worthy, and long-standing cooler in many PC systems, While the Freezer 7 Pro wasn't a high-performance beast, it was a common component in many people's systems. Still, now the Freezer 7 Pro has officially gained a successor in the Arctic Freezer 7 X CPU cooler.

The Arctic Freezer 7 X CPU cooler is a successor to the Arctic Freezer 7 PRO, which has some fantastic upgrades!

The Arctic Freezer 7 X CPU cooler is a successor that not only builds upon the success that the Arctic Freezer 7 PRO CPU cooler, but the successor also outshines the Arctic Freezer 7 PRO CPU cooler. The Arctic Freezer 7 X CPU cooler benefits of an improved heatsink design along with a reworked heat pipe layout, with the fan, which is optimized for high static pressure, the Arctic Freezer 7 X hopes to set a new standard in CPU cooling. The newer CPU cooler features a 10% increase in performance of up to 10% has been tested, and alongside that increased performance, the price tag of just $19.99.

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Source: Arctic

Key Differences

With the low price tag of just $19.99 and this CPU cooler offers support for both Intel's and AMD's popular CPU sockets.

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