Apple’s New Remote App Will Feature Complete Siri Remote Capabilities


Back in October of last year, Apple released Apple TV that long awaited hardware update. Alongside, there was a revamped shiny new Apple TV remote or Siri Remote. The purpose of the Siri Remote was to issue voice commands and featured a built-in trackpad for navigational purposes. Apart from the Siri Remote, the Apple TV also had a Remote app that allowed users to control their streaming device.

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New Remote App For iPhone To Feature All Siri Remote Capabilities

The Remote app was much helpful when the Apple TV remote failed to provide deeper assistance. However, the Remote app became redundant itself when it wasn't keeping up with new features like using the iPhone's keyboard ti input text. Nonetheless, it looks like things are about to change for the Apple TV Remote app on iPhone.

Apple's Senior Vice President of Software Engeneering, Craig Federighi and Senior Vice President of Software and Services, Eddy Cue poised some interesting detais about the company's ecosystem during thr The Talk Show podcast hosted by John Gruber. It seems that Apple is planning to launch a new Remote app for the latest Apple TV 4. The best part avout this is that the Remote app will feature all Siri Remote capabilities. Below is an excerpt from the podcast.

Eddy Cue: We have a new remote app.. if you have an iphone, you can use the keyboard on the iPhone.

Craig: And more than that, really… there’s full Siri, from your phone, communicating to your TV. That’s a great upgrade to that app.

Gruber: Well, there’s a remote app [already] for the iPhone now that you can connect to AppleTV.

Eddy: There is. As Craig said, it only does the keyboard… the new remote app will have all the capabilities of the new Apple TV remote does, like Siri.

Craig: And obviously, you have the trackpad function of the remote — you’ll be able to do that with the phone. It’s really a full replacement.

Gruber: Will it work with some of the games? So if there’s a 2 player game, someone can use their phone, someone else can use the remote?

Eddy: Yep – that’s exactly it. Remote for one person, phone for one person.

Surprisingly, it feels good to see how Cue and Federighi talk so openly about the upcoming product. However, they did not say anything about the release date of the app. Nonetheless, the excitement keeps piling up for the new Remote app. The current Remote app to control the Apple TV is a nuisance as it cannot be used as a complete replacement for your Apple TV remote. So let's hope and wait for the new Remote app to arrive.

This is it for now, folks. Do you use the Remote app on your iPhone to control your Apple TV? To what extent are you satisfied with it? Let us know in the comments.