Apple’s M1 MacBook Air Is Down to Its Lowest Price of $960, With the 512GB Model Also Discounted


The M1 MacBook Air is Apple’s entry-level machine featuring the company’s first custom chipset for ARM-based Macs, and here is even more good news. Amazon is offering the 8GB RAM and 256GB storage model at an attractive price of $960, which is the lowest we have seen to date. If you need the extra storage and want to experience a discount at the same time, the 512GB variant can be had for $1,170.92, marking a $78 price cut.

As for the specifications, the M1 MacBook Air features the same 5nm M1 chip that fuels the rest of Apple’s lineup. This is pretty much the star of the whole show; you will experience unrivaled performance and battery life from a product of this class, and thanks to Apple’s legendary design philosophy, the M1 MacBook Air will last you for years thanks to its unibody aluminum chassis and adequately tweaked hinges.

You also get a massive trackpad that offers some of the best gestures available if you do not plan on using a mouse, and the keyboard uses a scissor-switch mechanism, which improves tactility and reliability. The display is another area that buyers will look forward to. The M1 MacBook Air uses Apple’s Retina Display technology, with the 13-inch frame providing a 2560 x 1600 resolution providing an added bonus for content creators, creative professionals, or regular users wanting to enjoy some movies.

We are not sure for how long this discount will remain active, but if you are in the market for a premium notebook that not only delivers tremendous performance but also provides double-digit battery life, look no further than the M1 MacBook Air. If you believe that the M1 MacBook Pro is something you desire, Amazon is selling both 256GB and 512GB storage models for a $150 discount, so the price starts from $1,149.99 instead of the regular $1,299.99.

Grab the M1 MacBook Air for only $960 from Amazon