OLED Seems To Be The Way At Apple For Upcoming iPads

Apple's known to be famously reluctant when it comes to making changes on its devices. It took the Cupertino manufacturer quite a while to finally cave in and increase screen sizes on the iPhone, with RAM upgrades for the flagship smartphones occurring at an equally slow pace. Well it seems like another change can be expected soon, this time on the company's popular iPad line of tablets, that have managed to gain even more popularity after the remarkably thin iPad Air upgrade last year.

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Apple Enters Agreement With Recently Founded JOLED For OLED Displays On Future iPads

Apple's in contact with new suppliers for its future iPads, and the matter on its agenda seems to be displays. As the name suggests, according to fresh reports, Apple's next display partner for displays on its popular line of tablets will be JOLED. And as the name suggests, if today's information is correct than you'd be correct to assume that the iPad is finally making the shift to OLED displays, from LCD. And before you write off JOLED as any other display manufacturer, its been founded by a collaboration of Sony, Japan Display and Panasonic. So the iPad seems to be in safe hands for now.

JOLED's been initially expected to start production from 2017, but the company seems to be willing to make exceptions when it comes to Apple. Looks like the Cupertino manufacturer has a special way to get what it wants when it comes to suppliers. The display manufacturer has displayed willingness to start mass production for Apple by the end of next year, giving Apple plenty of time to play around with OLED, in the highly unlikely scenario that JOLED is the company's only partner. Sound interesting? Let us know what you think in the comments section and stay tuned.

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