Apple’s Free App Of The Week: Time Surfer for iOS ($0.99 Regular)

Fans of endless arcade runner games should be excited for this week's selection of Apple's free App of the Week, because the popular Time Surfer title is on the shelf for grabs. As always, iPhone and iPad users can download Kumobius’ popular title for free starting from today through next Thursday. The title usually goes for $0.99 on the App Store, and is definitely worth buying, but why not take this chance and grab Time Surfer for free?


For those of you who are new to this section of the App Store, every week, the Apple staff will pick out a premium app or game and feature it as their free App of the Week. As the title suggests, you can download that specific app / game for free and continue to receive regular updates for a lifetime with no additional cost whatsoever.

Focusing back to Time Surfer, this is a really fun arcade game, especially known for amazing graphics and addictive gameplay. In the game, users are required to tap the screen to gain lighting speed and travel through a variety of scenic galaxies. To make Time Surfer a little but more interesting, players will have a chance to get ultra power and travel along with their favorite pets. The tiny creature isn't there just for decoration, as they prove to be powerful allies in your darkest and most spike-filled hour.

Time waits for no one except you: the Time Surfer.
Surf across the galaxy & dive into the waves.
Rewind time to fix your mistakes & outrun the end of the universe.
Dream beyond the stars my intergalactic child.


As we mentioned before, the game is only free for one whole week before it comes back to its regular price of $0.99. We highly recommend that users snag this title up even if you're not going to play it, coz there's really no harm in stocking up on a paid app which has gone free for an extremely limited time-frame.

Without further ado, you can click here to download Time Surfer for free. Let us know what you think about this game and how it compares to others under the same genre.

While you're here, don't mind checking out the quick video showing you how to play the game.

Found the video tempting enough? You know what to do. Download away. We know you want to.

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