Apple Watch Series 8 Reviews Are Out: You Won’t Die If You Don’t Have One

During the Apple keynote earlier this month, Apple talked about all the advantages of the Apple Watch and how it served as a literal lifesaver for so many people. While it is certainly nice to see people getting help from a smartwatch in life-threatening situations, Apple's rendition seemed a bit extreme as it made people feel like if they don't have an Apple Watch, their life might be in danger. Well, with that said, as expected, the Apple Watch Series 8 was revealed during the Far Out event, and it is all that we had been hoping for and more. Sure, Apple released the Ultra variant and SE variants for power or casual users, respectively but if you are looking for something middle of the ground, the standard variant will do just fine.

The Apple Watch Series 8 Largely Remains Unchanged Aside From Some Cool Features

Today, the reviews for the Apple Watch Series 8 have dropped and as expected, if you do not have an Apple Watch Series 8, you will not die if you do not have the watch. As a matter of fact, you will do just fine without the new Apple Watch.

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So, what even is new? Well, the reviews have been citing that all the changes are under the hood to a point that you cannot even spot the difference between the Series 7 and Series 8 unless you know where to look. You still get to choose between 41mm and 45mm and the price also remains unchanged. You can watch one of the reviews here.

WatchOS 9 is amazing as it brings a number of watch faces that make the display look larger and for those who are used to larger watch faces, this definitely is a nice feature to have. Under the hood, you are not getting a faster chip, and the performance along with battery life also remains the same. You get two temperature sensors, a new high-accelerometer, and a new and improved gyroscope sensor. All these combined power the two biggest features that the Apple Watch Series 8 have; Crash Detection and Cycle Tracking.

Aside from that, almost everything is the same about the Apple Watch Series 8 and honestly, this is not really a bad thing, to be honest. Apple took the "if it ain't broke" approach and it has worked. Do you really need to upgrade to Series 8 from Series 7? Not really. If you want to go ahead and enjoy the new hardware features, then sure, but other than that, I see no purpose.

I do wish, however, that Apple had opted for a much better sapphire crystal rather than going for glass. I have nothing against standard glass but as someone who wears traditional watches and is very, very used to sapphire glass' scratch resistance.

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