Apple Watch Running Windows 95 Is The Most Amazing Thing You’ll See Today – Video

Since the launch of Apple's wearable, we have seen a lot of tricks put up in front. However, one unsatisfied hacker summoned the ages old desktop operating system on the Apple Watch. On the other hand, Windows 95 itself has not seen any attention for years now, so feast your eyes on the ghost of the ancient Windows 95 running on the Apple Watch.


Apple Watch Running Windows 95 Through Modifying Apple's Development Software

Developer, Nick Lee has taken the challenge to put the dusty old operating system in a brand new Apple Watch. As pleasing it may sound, the developer succeeded in doing so. As you can see in the video embedded below, the time required to boot up is immense. Lee explains, “Due to the fact that it is emulated (not virtualized), it takes about an hour to boot.” Once the Apple Watch boots up Windows 95 after an hour long wait, you can see that the overall experience is pretty slow. Nonetheless, the video shows that it is functional, irrespective of the hardship that the developer had to endure in terms of navigation.

Despite of the sluggish results, Lee points out on his own blog that the Apple Watch is a more powerful device than the original computers in which the Windows 95 operating system was installed. Henceforth, the Apple Watch is a capable device that can run the ancient software. See the video shared below for more details.

Even though the hack justifies the Apple Watch's capability, Apple would have been very disappointed on the scenario. If you're a little tech savvy on the inside, you must know that Lee had to modify Apple development software in “rather unorthodox ways.” Once the developer did that, it made the Apple Watch recognize Windows 95 as a Watch app. Moreover, the modification also acted as an emulator that provided necessary conditions for Windows 95 to run and function on.

Apart from the technical modification that the Apple Watch went through, there's another step to it that was necessary. As we know the Apple Watch's display shuts down after a specific period of time when it's not in use, the developer had to keep rotating the Digital Crown through a motorized tube, as you can see in the video.

It's definitely good to see what creative people can do with their devices, but having Windows 95 running on Apple's wearable is really something to admire. What do you guys think about this hack? How nostalgic is it for you to see an Apple Watch running Windows 95? Let us know in the comments.


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