Apple Watch Hermès Bands Are Now Officially For Sale – Check Out Their Pricing

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Apr 19, 2016

To add more appeal to your Apple Watch, new Hermès Bands are now available to purchase from the official Apple store.


Apple Watch Hermès Bands Are Available For Both The 38mm And 42mm Models – Check Them Out Right Here

Currently, there are three Hermès Bands being sold and they have been listed below:

1. Apple Watch Hermès Double Tour Band ($490)

This particular band is only compatible with the 38mm model, which currently carries a retail price of $299.

2. Apple Watch Hermès Single Tour Band ($340)

This band is available for both the 38mm and 42mm model, although before purchasing, you will have to be informed that the 38mm model is compatible with 7 different colors, while the larger model is only compatible with 4 colors.

3. Apple Watch Hermès Cuff Band ($690)


This band is compatible with just the 42mm model and only comes with in one color variant.

The 42mm model currently carries retail price of $349, but it is possible when the successor of the wearable is announced, the original Apple Watch is offered for an even more sizable discount; one that might even appeal to the crowd that still believe the product is far too expensive for their requirements.

Do you guys think that the latest bands are worth purchasing? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.