Apple Watch Hacked To Run Custom Watch Faces (Video)

The Apple Watch has a bunch of watch faces that can be customized to a certain degree. But the problem here is, new watch faces cannot be added at all, and users have to make do with what Apple ships as stock with watchOS. Case in point, one developer had a sight beyond Apple's limitation, and was able to hack the wearable and side-load a brand new, custom watch face..

Apple Watch

It's a somewhat odd move by Apple to not allow third-party watch faces on the Apple Watch. After all, users like us do want a bit of choice at hand, rather than stick with what is being offering at a stock level. But Hamza Sood took his Apple Watch and hacked it, and was able to load a custom watch face onto the wearable.

Check out the video below and see the whole thing in action.

As you can see from the video above, it's far from being an ideal solution. But hey, it works, and paves the way to a lot of possibilities in the future. Lastly, the developer has made the source code for the watch face he showed off in the video available on GitHub, so you can grab it right away and modify it according to your own liking.

The Apple Watch in its current form is pretty barebones. Running the first-generation of the watchOS software, it doesn't even allow to run native apps, and nor does it allows to install custom watch faces. With watchOS 2 on the horizon, users were hoping that Apple would step up its wearable software game, but hasn't. Instead, the company is betting big on third-party Complications on the watch face, and features new time-lapse watch faces. In short, don't expect custom, third-party watch faces to arrive on the Apple Watch just yet.

watchOS 2 is due for release this fall, along with iOS 9. The wearable software is currently in beta, and those enrolled in the Apple Developer Program can give it a shot right away. Keep one thing in mind though, watchOS 2 requires you to have an iPhone that is running iOS 9 in the first place. Lastly, once you upgrade to watchOS 2, then there's no way to downgrade your wearable back to the current public release, so keep that well in mind before you make the giant leap.

Do you think Apple will eventually bring custom, third-party watch faces to the Apple Watch? Be sure to share your thoughts with us on the matter.

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