Apple TV’s tvOS App Store Gains Preview Videos For Apps


One of the biggest upgrades for the Apple TV was the inclusion of its dedicated App Store. The new Apple TV is steadily stepping up its game in terms of operating system. Previously we heard that Apple will be launching a new Remote app on the iPhone for the Apple TV, which would feature all Siri Remote capabilities. Yes, we currently have a Remote app, but it's facing redundancy, considering the Apple TV 4 is far more superior than its predecessors. Today, the Apple TV's App Store has gained support for preview videos for apps.

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Preview Videos For Apps Added On tvOS's App Store

On iOS, potential app buyers could check out the app through preview videos. This preview support was previously absent on the new Apple TV. Today, Apple confirmed that preview videos for apps are now officially supported on the Apple TV's tvOS. With that stated, developers can now create their app previews that on the contrary reflect the app in action. This will enable buyers to check out the app before they make a purchase.

“Showcase your tvOS app in action by bringing its features and functionality alive with a short video on the App Store for Apple TV. By providing an app preview, you can help customers better understand your app and encourage more downloads.”

Since the launch of the new Apple TV in October of last year, Apple has been keenly working to upgrade its set-top box's App Store. Moreover, it can be said to some extent that it will gradually be on par with iOS's App Store. Some other changes include the adding new categories, top charts and listing on iOS if apps have tvOS version. Moreover, in the forthcoming tvOS 9.2 update, Apple will be adding app search from anywhere using Siri.

Apple's act of rolling out the app preview videos on tvOS will ultimately improve user experience for potential buyers. However, there is still a lot of room available for improvement. There are plenty of things that iOS App Store can do in terms of web linking and searching from iTunes. Probably the Cupertino camp will add support for these on Apple Tv's tvos in the upcoming future. Nonetheless, the tvOS App Store has improved a lot since its debut.

This is it for now, folks. How did you guys like the new video app preview support on tvOS's App Store? Share your thoughts in the comments.