Apple will be establishing Research and Development Centres and extending iAD Platform in Japan

Ahmed Bilal

Apple has been facing criticism because of its Apple Advertising platform to be concentrated in the area what is called to be its so-called “home”. To this, the company announced a major turn and announced to extend iAD to the money-spinning and a much rewarding market of Japan. Prime Minister of Japan also asked Japan to setup an R&D center in order to bring in the technology at Japanese floor.

Apple-iPad-Air-2-all-the-official-images1-635x298A stock photo of Apple's iPad Air 2 @Apple Inc

Apple gearing up to penetrate Japanese markets

Apple also announced that it will turn its iAD to the Japanese market in partnership with Dentsu, which is an advertising company hub in Tokyo, Japan. Apple will be targeting touch IPhone and IPod users with the help of Dentsu. This was announced long ago in 2011. But here comes the thrilling part of the story. Apple’s technical development center will provide a better job pool for the people in Japan at the time of decelerating economy. Evidently, the rich and aromatic days for Japan’s economy are long departed. We witnessed how China, South Korea and Taiwan companies are making almost everything on earth including the Apple handheld devices and Japan is lacking behind day by day.

According to the Prime Minister of Japan Abe Shinzo, the formality of announcing what is going to come to the technical roads of Japan is going to take place soon enough. Apple furthermore updated and started featuring Japanese language support for Siri on its iOS operating system which is now upgraded to iOS 5.1. Siri is Apple’s “use your voice to send messages and calls” technology which enable voice activation assistance for various tasks. Japanese support for Siri will be in the market in a few approaching weeks. Apple IPad’s launch also landed big in Japan which again ensured that Apple’s way is secured there.

Apple also announced that its technical development center will be located in Yokohama in Japan which will bring a great deal of employment for the whole region. The Prime Minister of Japan, Abe Shinzo also stated that Apples development center will be working on equivalent ground to its other operational technical centers. This technical development center ensures the making of new processes or products and doesn't effectively focuses only on manufacturing finished goods and products which in this case includes iPhone, iPad etc. Seemingly, the innovations regarding appearance and geometric shapes will still be controlled by the company’s HQ in California.


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