Apple Reportedly Slowing Downloading Speeds on Its iPhone 7 Intentionally

Apple slowing iPhone 7 LTE speeds

Apple is going to go through another decable now that the latest report claims that the company has been intentionally throttling LTE speeds on some iPhone 7 models. The problem is that when you head out to purchase an iPhone 7 or an iPhone 7 Plus, you'll end up purchasing one of two models, and now that Intel has incorporated its LTE chips inside the latest smartphone family, let us dig more into what the report suggests.

Researchers Claim That iPhone 7 Models on One Particular Carrier Isn't Performing at Its Maximum Potential, According to the Tests Carried Out

Twin Prime and Cellular Insights state that while iPhone 7 running on Verizon's network are more than capable of downloading data faster as opposed to models running on AT&T's network, the tests prove that both models are running at the same speeds. While none of the firms have managed to conclude why this is happening, the only logical explanation they have been able to concoct is that Apple is throttling the speeds on its iPhone 7 running on Verizon's network. Gabriel Tavridis hailing from Twin Prime states the following regarding his insights on the matter:

“The data indicates that the iPhone 7 is not taking advantage of all of Verizon’s network capabilities. I doubt that Apple is throttling each bit on the Verizon iPhone, but it could have chosen to not enable certain features of the network chip.”

Apple spokeswoman Trudy Muller had a different story to tell in order to reassure customers that they were not suffering when it came to downloading speeds:

“Every iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus meets or exceeds all of Apple’s wireless performance standards, quality metrics, and reliability testing. In all of our rigorous lab tests based on wireless industry standards, in thousands of hours of real-world field testing, and in extensive carrier partner testing, the data shows there is no discernible difference in the wireless performance of any of the models."

Analysts predict that while smartphone manufacturers strive to present the fastest possible smartphone experience, they claim that Apple could be doing this in order to provide the same experience to users that are using different carriers, which suggests that it would not want Intel LTE model users to feel left out. In a separate series of tests, both the Qualcomm and Intel LTE chip speed tests were carried out on the iPhone 7, and Qualcomm's LTE chip gained the lead quite comfortably.

While the results stated might not have an impact on real-world performance, consumers shelling out a ton of money on an iPhone would not feel comfortable about the fact that Apple could potentially be reducing the speeds of its smartphones to deliver a uniform experience. Do you guys think that Apple could deliberately be doing this? Tell us your thoughts right away.

Image source and details: Bloomberg

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