Apple Silicon Macs See Fast-Pace Adoption Among Enterprise Users


Apple launched the new M1 Pro and M1 Max chips alongside its latest 2021 MacBook Pro models. While the new Apple silicon is extremely powerful for students, enterprise users are quick to adopt the powerful machines. The latest comes in with Jamf adding to the list. If you are unfamiliar, Jamf makes a wide range of tools for managing iPhone, iPad, and Macs. Scroll down to read more details on the subject.

Apple's Latest Macs Are Being Adopted by Enterprise Users at a High Rate as Jamf Joins the List

The company says that it has helped position more than a million Macs and all of which are powered by Apple's M1 series of chips. In addition, 74 percent of the company's customers already use a Mac with Apple silicon. Check out the major highlights of the deployment.

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  • SAP, an enterprise software company, has deployed 3,500 Macs powered by M1 using Jamf in the last year, adding to its 30,000 total Mac fleet. When testing Mac with M1, SAP developers saw “remarkable” results regarding speed and app performance, resulting in increased cost-efficiency. SAP has offered employee choice since 2008 and has seen demand for Mac quickly increase since then. SAP also has deployed over 70,000 iPhones and 17,500 iPads with Jamf.
  • Electric, a Jamf partner and IT tech company that manages a fleet of over 26,800 Apple devices for its small and medium-sized customers, has seen a 158% growth in the deployment of Mac devices this year. They note that the speed offered by Macs with the M1 family of chips is attractive to the many businesses they serve who are focused on quickly and securely onboarding employees with the powerful devices and applications they need.
  • Bartlett City Schools, an 8,500 student and 1,100 employee school system just outside of Memphis, Tennessee, deployed nearly 6,000 Macs powered by M1 this year.

It goes on to show how Apple is picking up the pace for enterprise users. It is not just Jamf but other tech companies that are also pushing to adopt MacBook models with the M1 series of chips. You can check out the full press release here.

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