Apple Shares New HomePod Features, Adds Gesture Controls And More Ahead Of Launch

Apple HomePod arriving early 2018

Apple has announced new details on its HomePod smart speaker announcing its initial launch dates in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia. Since Apple has already announced the launch details of the HomePod smart speaker, now might be a good time for the company to share more details on it. Apart from the standard details, the company has also unveiled a guide for how the HomePod smart speaker can be controlled by the top surface area. So let's dive in to see some more details on the new gesture controls to be part of the HomePod smart speaker.

Apple Shares New Gesture Control Details For The HomePod Smart Speaker Ahead Of Its Launch

Primarily, the HomePod smart speaker will be controlled via Siri, but tapping on the top will add a number of features which can be controlled via gestures for playback controls. The top portion of the speaker will respond to different types of taps and gestures. The operation is pretty similar to what the company offers in its AirPods. However, a number of gestures for playback controls will be quite similar to how they function on the EarPods. reads:

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Tap the top of HomePod to play, pause, skip a song, or adjust the volume. Touch and hold the top to talk to Siri. You’ll know Siri is listening by the LED waveform that animates with your every word.

To be precise, HomePod will add three tap gestures:

  • Single tap for play/pause
  • Double tap for next track
  • Triple tap for previous track

As we have already come across the details on the HomePod in the earlier days, the smart speaker will invoke Siri with a single touch and hold gesture. The gesture will be an alternative to the 'Hey Siri' phrase to initiate the virtual assistant.

Apart from this, the smart speaker form the iPhone-maker will also show volume controls when a song is being played with a - or + buttons. The buttons would allow you to increase or decrease the volume of the music being played. As detailed by Apple, the speaker will also allow you to handle phone calls. This is something we have not come across in the earlier days. With that said, it does not look like the HomePod will be able to make or receive phone calls. However, you would have the option available to transfer the calls from the iPhone using Handoff.

Use HomePod to send messages using just your voice. And when you receive a text, Siri can read it to you. For hands-free conversations, start or receive a call on your iPhone and hand it off to HomePod.

There will be more to the story so be sure to stay tuned in for more details. Apple's smart speaker is launching on February 9 and available for order from Friday. Are you planning on getting one? Share your views in the comments.

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