Apple Sets Up ‘Apple Energy’, Plans To Sell Excess Electricity Into Grid


Apple has been on the long road to move to green energy in all of its offices and factories. For a company this big, it's easy to diversify and set up new businesses. Moving on, Apple proudly mentions on its website that its energy usage is 93 percent clean worldwide. Now, it seems that the company is generating ample energy to create an energy subsidiary, 'Apple Energy' to sell access electricity into grids and more.

Apple Creates Apple Energy To Sell Excessive Clean Energy To The Grid And More

Apple's expertise and efficiency in producing clean and renewable energy is immense and we can't overlook the fact that the company generates more energy than its consumption needs. Apple has told FERC that it meets all legal criteria to sell electricity at market rates due to its market position. So it might not be too long before we hear Apple's clean energy making way to the United State.

Apple's quietly created 'Apple Energy' LLC is registered in Delware but is operated in Cupertino headquarters. The company has been set up to sell excess electricity generated by its solar farms in Nevada and Cupertino. The company has plans to sell excessive energy to the whole of US as per now. It has requested the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to let it sell electricity on wholesale markets in the United States.

The filed document suggests Apple wants to sell clean energy on market rates. It also notes that since Apple is new and not such a major player, it might not be able to influence market prices by selling below what the big shots of the industry are offering. So technically, Apple is adopting competitive pricing in order to work in the industry. If Apple is permitted to sell electricity into the United States, we can see the company selling clean energy within the next two months.

As we have mentioned earlier, Apple's clean energy comes from its solar parks in Nevada and Cupertino that feeds its offices and factories. For the time being, it seems Apple's clean energy is short living. As we all know Apple's spaceship campus is under construction, once it is done, the company might start redirecting the clean energy there. It would possible save a lot of cost. So for the long term, we can't be sure if it will continue to supply excessive energy to the grids.

Even though Apple is a newcomer in the energy industry, we can still speculate that with the company's given resources, it might not have any problem in diversifying its field of conduct. Nonetheless, it's just the beginning and there will be more to it as time goes by. As for now, what are your thoughts Apple Energy? Do you think Apple has what it takes to grow in the industry? Let us know in the comments