Apple Is Now Ranked at an Abysmal 5th When Comparing Laptop Brands – MacBook Pro Models to Blame?

MacBook Pro

Despite the fact that Apple incorporates the best possible trackpads and uses top-notch build quality on its notebooks, the company does not seem to fare well in the latest laptop survey. The tech giant is not even in the top three as it slumps down to the 5th position due to several reasons. Even since their announcement, Apple’s MacBook Pro 2016 has been the subject of controversy ranging from the use of older processors and removing key elements such as the SD card slot. However, there are other reasons why the company’s ranking dipped to such a low point.

Premium Pricing of Notebooks Is One Main Reason Why Apple and Its Laptop Ranking Have Slumped

There are several things in which Apple has been leading the pack when it comes to notebooks. The design, build quality, trackpads, and sound quality is one where critics have always praised the company’s notebooks and after-sales services such as tech support, and warranty coverage have also been given numerous amount of ‘thumbs-ups’. However, the tech giant has always been known to price its products ridiculously and the new MacBook Pro family is definitely no exception.

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According to Laptop EIC Mark Spoonauer, he states that Apple’s ranking has dropped to 5th due to those premium prices coupled with hardware that makes working more difficult for professionals. He also suggests that the tech firm reconsiders its approach when it comes to products for professionals because the current one is not working out. Apple released its desktop workstation called Mac Pro back in 2013 and only now has it decided to introduce a refresh, but the new product has been rumored to get unveiled in 2018.

Additionally, where high-end Windows 10-based notebooks allow you to configure the machine up to 32GB of RAM, Apple’s latest generation of portable machines only allow you to bump up that number to 16GB. The company’s executives state that this limit was followed in order to give these notebooks exceptional battery life.

In the future, it looks like things could take a different turn with the MacBook Pro refresh, and analysts are claiming that it can be configured up to 32GB RAM.

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Do you think Apple’s ranking to number five is justified based on the aforementioned information? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments.


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