Apple’s South Korean Offices Are Raided By Authorities In Connection To ‘Unfair Contract’ Investigation, Just Ahead Of iPhone X Launch


Apple's iPhone X made a lot of shock waves this year. The device was widely covered prior to launch and almost every feature made it to the rumor mill in one form or the other. The big feature on the device is Face ID. Apple made a bold decision this year to replace fingerprint recognition complete with facial recognition. In addition to the iPhone X, Face ID will also be used with Apple Pay and a host of other applications on the company's ecosystem. Now, just a day before the device goes on sale in South Korea and other countries, we've got some interesting news for you. Take a look below to find out more.

The South Korean Free Trade Commission Raids Apple's South Korean Offices This Week Prior To iPhone X Launch

When compared against their Western counterparts, markets in the East are different. Local manufacturing and products see favor in order to ensure that the nation in question is at par globally. This has ensured that several Asian companies dominate the tech landscape, the biggest example of which is Samsung. The Korean tech giant makes almost every electronic gadget and appliance out there.

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But, Apple's success with the iPhone has eclipsed Samsung even it its home country. Cupertino grabbed one third of the South Korean market share at the time of the iPhone 6s launch. Since then, Apple has only seen its popularity increase. All of this, compounded by the iPhone X surely ruffled some feathers. As evidence, consider how Samsung's offering iPhone users free trials of the Galaxy Note 8 and S8 in South Korea, in order to convince them to switch.

Now, The Metro reports that investigators raided Apple's offices in South Korea earlier this week, who we assume belong to the Korean Fair Trade Commission. The Commission is already investigating Apple under the suspicion of having struck unfair contracts with local networks. While Apple claims to address these concerns, the FTC doesn't look satisfied. It's believed that the raid is part of this investigation.

While its tech companies might dominate, South Korea itself is the host of several corruption scandals. The latest of these led to the impeachment of former President Park Geun-hye, daughter of a former president who ruled the country as the head of a military junta. Samsung's acting chairman Lee Jae-yong was also sentenced to five years in prison in the scandal's direct aftermath. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned. We'll keep you updated on the latest.

News Source: The Metro