Apple Music Concept Shows Aligned Interface With Linked Accounts And More – Video

It has been quite a while since Apple unveiled its music streaming service to the public. As positive it has been for the company, users were very determined to try it out despite of other music streaming services in the market such as Spotify, Pandora and others. Even though Apple's music streaming service is pretty great, there were mixed thoughts of how it looked and behaved considering some of the very demanding features were left out. So a new Apple Music concept has been designed by Jupiter Winters that shows a new streamlined interface and everything Apple's music streaming is not right now.

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Apple Music Concept Video Shows Streamlined Interface, Notifications And More

The Apple Music concept has been developed by Jupiter Winters who is a User Behavior and Experience Designer from Toronto, Canada. Irrespective of all the new features in the concept video, one thing to admire is the designer's effort and how elegantly he has put it together. Moving on to the concept, it shows an aligned interface, linked accounts, notifications and much more. So let's see what other features are part of it and what makes it better than what we're all using today. For more details on the concept, check out the video embedded below.

Basically, the designer has focused on three major aspects of the music streaming service constituting of the streamlined interface, linked accounts and notifications. The streamlined interface will allow users to navigate through their music with ease. The notification option has been added so a user can never miss new arrivals. The linked account feature added will allow users to add songs to their music libraries from YouTube and other social media platforms.

"First a streamlined and intuitive interface so users can navigate through the app with ease. The second is notifications so you will never miss a new song, album, music video or other fun stuff from your favorite artists. The last thing I created was linked accounts so that users could add songs to their music libraries directly from Facebook, Youtube and Twitter."

Considering the design language that Apple went for its music streaming service, it was criticized by one of the very popular American music industry analysts like Bob Lefsetz. So this concept shows a new and better interface, that lets you browse and listen to music in a more streamlined manner.

What do you think about the Apple Music concept video? What more do you like to see on Apple's music streaming service? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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