Apple’s Magic Mouse’s Bottom-Positioned Port Problem Gets a Fix That Allows It to Be Charged and Used at the Same Time

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Apple’s Magic Mouse’s Bottom-Positioned Port Problem Gets a Fix That Allows It to Be Charged and Used at the Same Time

Various Apple products have gone through significant design changes, but one that has stood the test of time, and not in a positive way, is the Magic Mouse. The infuriating charging port located at the bottom creates more than a few problems for users, but one YouTuber found a clever way around this problem, as you will soon find out.

Using a 3D Printer and Creativity, the Magic Mouse’s Charging Port Location Was Somewhat Fixed

There are lots of things Apple’s Magic Mouse gets right. It is not bulky or overly compact. It will be comfortable to use by the majority of users that purchase it. It has excellent multi-touch gestures that play nicely with macOS, but that charging port location creates more than a hassle, especially when it is time to charge it. Unnecessary Inventions, a YouTube channel, decides to get rid of this problem using a little creativity and a 3D printer.

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First, the YouTuber opens up a brand new Anker Lightning cable that has the port angled at 90 degrees to achieve a slimmer profile when the Magic Mouse is charging. Next up, he finds several metal balls, which he says remind him of the balls that used to be present in mice. Using Fusion 360, a bracket is then designed, with circular openings on each side to help accommodate the metal balls for movement, as well as space for the angled charging cable.

The bracket will be designed in a way that the Magic Mouse’s optical sensor is not too far from the surface, so it can still be used properly. After the designing process is complete, the YouTuber 3D prints it and puts it to the test. Sure enough, the Magic Mouse sits well on the desk, is able to track accurately and get charged at the same time. Unfortunately, the mouse will have to be present on that bracket if you intend on using it, and having an extra cable follow it everywhere might not be the most aesthetically pleasing thing to look at.

Thankfully, Apple’s Magic Mouse is said to last for months on a full charge, but this fix is actually helpful for when you want to get some work done quickly, and your tracking accessory is all out of battery. You can check out the video below and let us know in the comments on what you thought.

News Source: Unnecessary Inventions

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