Apple Sells the Mac Pro With the Cheapest DDR4 ECC Memory Options – Maximizing Profit or Something Else?

Dec 14, 2019 05:14 EST
Apple Sells the Mac Pro With the Cheapest DDR4 ECC RAM Upgrades

Apple’s Mac Pro is available at a base price of $5,999 and with that configuration, you’re getting 32GB of DDR4 ECC RAM. Of course, if that isn’t enough for you, you can always head down to the configuration panel and add up as much as you need, up to a limit of 1.5TB of course.

However, purchasing a 1.5TB RAM-touting Mac Pro will force you to pay an additional $25,000 premium on the configuration, and even then, you might not be getting the most performance from the machine. How exactly? Through a little bit of digging, it’s being reported that Apple is providing the cheapest DDR4 ECC RAM options to the customer. What exactly does this mean? Read on more to find out.

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Apple Charging $1200 for a RAM Kit Upgrade for the Mac Pro Which Normally Sells for $300

According to Quinn Nelson, who is also known for his YouTube channel Snazzy Labs is a known Apple consumer, and also, one of the company’s biggest critics. Therefore, it isn’t surprising that Quinn would take out the time to see where the company would end up cutting corners or charge customers a premium for upgrading the hardware on the new Mac Pro. Turns out, its in the DDR4 ECC RAM upgrade department, where Quinn states that he found out the CAS latency of the parts made by Micron.

According to him, the CAS latency is CL22. Now, if the CAS latency figure is less, it means fewer clock cycles the RAM will take, which will also make it a pricier RAM since modules with lower latency cost more. Over here, it appears that Apple is selling the cheapest DDR4 ECC RAM, with Quinn also showing that the 64GB (2 x 32GB) kit on Apple’s website costs $1200. When we hopped on over to Amazon to compare the pricing, it looks like the same 64GB DDR4 ECC memory kit costs about a couple of hundred bucks, suggesting that Apple is charging a hefty sum to upgrade the RAM on its new Mac Pro.

However, there are other costs that customers should take into consideration, and it’s not necessarily Apple ripping off users as much as the company having to incur additional expenses that the average customer might not be aware of. Also, since the Mac Pro is expandable, you can still choose to purchase RAM from elsewhere and populate the DIMM slots yourself.

That will help save you a lot of money in return.

Source: Twitter (Snazzy)


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