Apple Launches New Siri Speech Study App That Aims to Improve Siri Through User Feedback

Ali Salman
Siri Speech Study App

Apple lags behind when it comes to its digital assistant competing against Google Assistant. However, the company is doing everything at its disposal to make Siri better in terms of all the aspects where a digital assistant is required. With iOS 14, Apple did enhance Siri but it still lacks what the Google Assistant is capable of. Since Apple wants to change this, it has launched a new invite-only app for iOS called 'Siri Speech Study'. The app will allow the company to improve the digital assistant by several means.

Apple Looking to Improve Siri With its New Invite-Only 'Siri Speech Study' App

Apple has launched a new invite-only app called 'Siri Speech Study' which will allow the company to improve its virtual assistant (via TechCrunch). The app allows users to share their interactions with Siri and provide Apple with the appropriate feedback. Apple will use the data to make Siri better.

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At this point in time, the new Siri Speech Study app is only available in the United States, Canada, Germany, France, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, India, and Taiwan. The app does not appear under the Utilities section of the App Store. If you have to download the app, you must possess a direct link to the app in order to find it on the App Store.

Siri Speech Study App

App states that the Siri Speech Study app is being used to improve Siri across a range of products. As mentioned earlier, the app is invite-only and you can not download it directly from the App Store. Users must provide explicit feedback on a per request basis. Users can explain what their responses were and what they were trying to asl if Siri mishears a request.

This is all there is to it, folks. Share your views with us regarding Apple's attempts to make its virtual assistant better using its new Siri Speech Study app.

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