Apple Is Offering Free Next Day Shipments For The Holiday


Apple is giving shoppers a last minute chance to place orders before Christmas. Today, the company updated its online website to announce free next-day shipping for each order which is placed by 2:00 PM by Friday, 23rd of December. This is definitely a treat for last minute shippers as the next-day shipping is free. Let's see some more details on the on the matter.

Apple Offers Next Day Shipping For The Holiday

If you're interested, you should know that any order placed before the 23rd of December will arrive in time for Christmas. This is the delivery time in most of the cases. However, just to be sure, users will have to confirm delivery time or date at the checkout. So do take advantage of the limited time offering from Apple before it is reversed to its original format.

Judging on the bases of previous trends, the company usually limits next-day deliveries to just iPhones, with two day shipping time for most of the products offered by Apple. However, the holiday season is special and the company offers special offers in its shipping times.

In addition to this, Apple also offers an online gift guide for users who are in need of some gift ideas. This section suggests various products like the iPhone, Macs, iPads and other accessories related to these products. Henceforth, the company is offering more than just free next-day shipments to users for the holiday.

Apple Accessory

The company's in-store pickup is also available for users who live near the Apple Store and are looking for the last minute gifts. Apple has updated the offer on its website today so do look into it of you're interested. Apple's wireless AirPods have also begun shipping to customers. However, you will have to pick up the newest accessory from the Apple Store as online sales completely sold out till January. However, do check out Apple Stores near you as the company's AirPods are available in some of them.

This is it for the company's updated next-day shipment for the holiday. If you're interested and are looking to buy some products or want gift guides for the holiday, now might be a good time.

This is it for now, folks. What are your thoughts on the company's next-day shipment for the holiday? Are you interested in making a purchase before December 23? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.