[U]: There Are Two Batteries Under the iPhone X’s Hood – Reveals Latest, Partial (Now COMPLETE) Device Teardown

Ramish Zafar

This year, Apple won over a lot of folks with the iPhone X. OLED finally made it on the smartphone, to the relief of many dedicated users. And we also got wireless charging, removing another feature that Android users love to criticize their iOS counterparts for. But for this writer, it's all about hardware. It's always been about silicon, despite the glitz Android loves to adorn its gadgets with. The A11 is an amazing piece of silicon and finally beats Android in multi core results as well. Today, however, it isn't about processors. Rather, it's batteries which catch our attention. Take a look below to find out more.

Alleged iPhone X Disassembly Shows Two Batteries Under Its Screen; Adds A New, Unexpected Twist

Well, maybe not that unexpected. Remember all those rumors about an L-motherboard? Well, looks like we got a similar battery arrangement instead. While it's quite a while before disassemblies and teardowns from the regular sources come to light, we've got an unorthodox one for you today. It comes straight out of China, and provides what just might be a first, accurate glimpse at the iPhone X's internals.

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Initial rumors for the smartphone claimed that its motherboard will be divided in two pieces. These will cater separately to its processing and communication components. Arranged in a 'L' shape, the overall structure will enable the iPhone X to conserve space and maintain Apple's strict dimensional requirements.


Keep in mind that there's no reason for the above video to be fake. While information of this nature prior to a device's launch can turn out misleading, there's no gain for anyone to spread false information at this point. We've also included the EVT image from Foxconn which leaked at the start of August for comparison sake. The similarities are clearly visible. With two batteries, Apple's once again proved that its penchant of creativity isn't dead, although it did fade recently.

Interesting news and all the more reason for fans to get an iPhone X for themselves. With the smartphone you'll now get bragging rights of a dual-battery smartphone. Of course, there are other, more important reasons to purchase the smartphone. It is after all, Apple's first serious take on the iPhone lineup for the last three years. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned. We'll keep you updated on the latest.

Update: Complete Teardown Is Here!

Well what can you say. Just moments after publishing this piece, we got a complete teardown for the smartphone. Looks like folks over in China are eager to provide their American counterparts some stiff competition. This complete teardown allows us to make several deductions:

  1. Most of the iPhone X's components are located in its back shell, continuing Apple's design tradition.
  2. Improved waterproofing when compared to the iPhone 8 lineup suggested by increased adhesive and foam layer.
  3. Extremely compact arrangement for the wireless charging components.
  4. Significantly smaller motherboard when compared to the iPhone 8 Plus (earlier teardown by same source.
  5. Two pieced motherboard, confirming pre-launch rumors.

P.S: The leaked EVT images are still there so you can see for yourself how accurate leaks are these days.

News Source: iVankrTech

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