Apple’s VSCEL Supplier Finisar Announces New Plant In Sherman, Texas; Expected To Bring 600 Jobs And Make City VSCEL Capital Of The World


Apple changed things with the iPhone X. The smartphone features facial recognition, complete with the requisites for secure transactions. This is a first for the market, and will take other companies some time to emulate. However, despite taking the lead with Face ID, Apple is still haunted by its supply chain. In the late 90s, after Steve Jobs' return, Cupertino had to cut down all unnecessary manufacturing and inventory.

It was the hour's need, as Apple had to survive. Now, it's a completely different company. The same lean supply chain which helped Apple rebound, now creates a lot of headaches, with the latest examples being True Depth sensors and the AirPods. Now, one of these problems might solve in the near future. Take a look below for the details.

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Apple's VSCEL Supplier Finisar Lays Down Serious Groundwork For Texas Plant; Aims To Start Production By October

Before we get to the details, let's take a brief refresher at how Face ID actually works on the iPhone X. The smartphone's infamous 'notch', actually includes four different sensors. These are a flood illuminator, a dot projector, an infrared camera and a regular camera. Out of these, VSCELs (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers) aren't used only on True Depth cameras. Apple also uses the technology on its AirPods, for detecting the user's ears.

Now, after Apple announced a $390 million payment to Finisar last year, the company is putting the money to good use. KKII got a chance to visit the company's new facility, currently not ready for use, in Grayson County, Sherman, Texas. This will bring around 600 jobs to the county, revitalizing the 700,000 square foot space which went out of commission in 2011.

Commenting on the plant, Curtis Barratt, VP and GM of Finisar Allen commented, "Everything this facility offers is necessary for us. It's a super set of what's required. It's just a big, strong, versatile building." The building was under Finisar's radar for the past couple of years, with Apple's December payment finally enabling the company to purchase it. Feeling optimistic, Barret claims that, "We're making Sherman the VCSEL capital of the world. Everything from self-driving cars, to gesture recognition, to facial recognition, all of these applications are going to make this a very, very important location."

These are big plans, one which will enable a lot of growth for this critical sector. Do expect VSCEL to play a critical role in future Apple products, particularly the 'Apple Glasses'. Tim Cook does not hide his optimism for the product, and believes it as the next great thing in portable computing. This time, he might be right. Finisar will bring the equipment for its plant starting in May, and a hiring fair will be held on the 12th of April, at the Hilton Garden Inn in Denison. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned. We'll keep you updated on the latest.

News Source: KXII