Woman’s iPhone X Unlocked Via Face ID By Her Colleague Twice, On Original And Replacement Devices


Apple's post-Jobs era until September 2017 is marked with risk aversion. Cupertino made no big moves prior to this year's iPhone event. This hesitancy was clear with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. While Cupertino's famous for its marketing spin offs, it went a bit overboard last year. A simple decision to remove the 3.5mm earphone jack was dubbed as 'courageous' in a manner which suggested more sarcasm than seriousness. Prior to that, the only new product from its end is the Apple Watch. This too is undoubtedly the result of various market studies, a perfect illustration of 'MBA decision making' which Jobs loathed. How does all of this figure in with today's news? Take a look below for more.

Apple Refunds Chinese Woman For iPhone X After Her Colleague Manages To Unlock Device Using Face ID Twice, On Different iPhones

All of this made the iPhone X launch simply fantastic. Suddenly, we were reminded of the old Apple, one that didn't shy away from making bold and tough calls. The biggest feature of this September's iPhone event was the iPhone X. It featured Facial Recognition, which goes far beyond that simply using the smartphone's front camera for its purposes.

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Rather, Apple designed its very own system that comprised of a host of sensors guaranteed by Cupertino to have minuscule odds of failure. In addition, Apple also removed Touch ID from the iPhone X, making a risky shift into new bio-metric territory for payment, purchase and other forms of authentication.

While reports have surfaced of twins being able to bypass Face ID, today we've got a new one for you. A Chinese women identified only by her surname, Yan, has run into some problems with Face ID. Yan's coworker is able to bypass Face ID on the former's iPhone X. Belonging to Nanjing city, she talked about her experience with the Jiangsu Broadcasting corporation. When Yan first called Apple support, they refused to believe her. She then went to the Apple Store with her colleague and replicated the occurrence.

Believing the unit's camera as faulty, the store gave Yan a full refund. However, when she used Face ID on the iPhone X purchased with this refund, the same results followed. The Apple Store offered her a refund once again. Talk about the odds! Of course, we're inclined to not take Chinese reports complete at face value. So you're allowed to be skeptical. Nevertheless, Yan seems to have some really bad luck. Perhaps the I Ching can aid her. Thoughts? Let us know what you think below and stay tuned. We'll keep you updated on the latest.

News Source: South China Morning Post