Apple iMac 21.5” Core i5 Refurbished Is Up For A Limited Time Discount Offer – Avail Now

Apple iMac 21.5" Core i5 Refurbished

Are you looking for an exemplary computer system for your home or your office? Well, we have the perfect deal for you right here. Wccftech is offering a great offer on the Apple iMac 21.5” Core i5 Refurbished. The offer will expire in a few days, so get your hands on it right away. You don’t want to miss the chance of getting an Apple product at only a fraction of the price of a new one.

Apple iMac 21.5" Core i5 Refurbished Features.

This iMac features a 2.7GHz Intel quad-core i5 processor and an 8GB DDR3 RAM. It has a 21.5” backlit display as well. It is a powerful system that is perfect for the home and the office. You will be able to perform your tasks without worrying about lag issues. Here are highlights of what the Apple iMac 21.5” Core i5 Refurbished has in store for you:

  •  21.5" display. View photos, videos & all other files on a clearer and larger screen
  •  1TB HDD. Save all your essential files on your iMac without having to export them to other storage devices
  •  Wi-Fi connectivity. Go online & browse on various webpages anywhere
  •  Bluetooth 4.0. Wirelessly transfer your files to any Bluetooth-enabled device
  •  Model year: 2017

Refurbished Rating

This product is listed with a grade “B” rating. It may have light scuffing on the angle/case or light scratches/dents on the body.


  •  Model number: MNDY2LL/A
  •  Color: silver
  •  Materials: plastic, metal, glass, electronics
  •  Dimensions: 17.7" x 20.8" x 6.9"
  •  Weight: 12.5lbs
  •  Display: 21.5" LCD
  •  Resolution: 3840 x 2560 (UHD)
  •  Second screen resolution: 3840x2160 (x2)
  •  Operating system: macOS High Sierra (10.13)
  •  Processor: Intel Core i5, 2.7GHz
  •  RAM: 8GB
  •  Storage: 1TB HDD
  •  GPU: AMD Radeon Pro 555
  •  Ethernet port: 1
  •  USB 3.0 Type-A ports: 4
  •  Thunderbolt ports: 2
  •  Thunderbolt 3 ports: 2
  •  Standard Wi-Fi: 802.11ac
  •  Bluetooth 4.0
  •  Built-in webcam
  •  Aftermarket 90-day parts and labor warranty from the third party


  •  Apple iMac 21.5" Core i5 3.0GHz, 8GB RAM 1TB HDD - Silver (Refurbished)
  •  Power cable
  •  Wired mouse
  •  Wired keyboard

Original Price Apple iMac 21.5” Core i5 Refurbished: $789
Wccftech Discount Price: $669

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