Foldable Devices From Apple and Google Could Come Very Soon Thanks to LG Partnership

Omar Sohail
Apple Google LG display partnership

Samsung currently holds the largest OLED market share, but that figure might soon be challenged thanks to the reported partnership of Apple, Google and LG Display. LG Display has been reported to make a shift towards the mass production of flexible OLED panels and guess who is their first group of customers.

LG Display Reported to Develop a Foldable Panel of OLED – Could Be the Forefront of Company’s Business as far as Display Manufacturing Goes

There are several reasons why Apple might not have been reported to partner with Samsung for developing foldable OLED panels. Looking at the company’s previous practices, Apple always taps more than one supplier in order to get a better negotiation leverage, so it is possible that Samsung must be present in that circle somewhere. As for LG Display, the company has been reported to create a prototype of foldable OLED panels strictly made for smartphones, so it is possible that a year from now, we see such panels present on Apple’s and Google’s flagship handsets.

Apple’s iPhone 8, which is said to be a completely different smartphone as far as functionality and aesthetics are concerned is said to feature an OLED panel, so it is no surprise that the California-based tech giant is out hunting for suppliers who can provide it with such displays. With the success that Google has had with its Pixel lineup, it will naturally want to turn up that dial as far as display quality goes and what better way to prep for the arrival of its Pixel’s successor than by tapping a manufacturer that knows the trade of making high-quality displays.

The creation of foldable OLED panels could mean that we get to see more and more smartphones exhibiting unorthodox shapes. With devices like the Mi Mix and Honor Magic a few examples to see what exactly the smartphone tech universe is up to, we can safely say that 2017 will have several different surprises waiting for us.


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