Apple FaceTime Comes to Android and Windows Through Web

Apple FaceTime Comes to Android and Windows Through Web

WWDC 2021 has finally wrapped up and during the entirety of the event, Apple managed to announce a lot of new software updates along with other quality of life improvements that are going to make your experience with Apple products a lot better and that is what makes us love Apple even more. During the event, Apple also introduced that FaceTime is finally coming to Android as well as Windows through the web. However, it is not how you might want it to work.

Apple FaceTime Finally Arrives on Android and Windows But Only Through an Invite System

At the time of writing, Apple did not make it clear how FaceTime is going to work on Android and Windows, but they did make it clear that iOS 15 users will be able to share web links to invite their friends or families to the conversations. You will, of course, get access to a similar visual layout along with the floating squares with everyone involved in the video chat, but that is about it, for now. We are not sure if a native app is in the works but at this point, we highly doubt that.

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Aside from adding this "partial support" for Android and Windows, Apple is also giving iOS 15's FaceTime users a number of new functional upgrades that will have spatial audio, background noise reduction, easier-to-parse gride view, a portrait video mode, and shared media watching experience through SharePlay. You can expect these features to arrive with iOS 15 this fall.

One could say that Apple is finally delivering on Steve Jobs' vision from 2010 when he talked about how FaceTime will become an open standard, although Apple never followed though that is changing now. While the news of FaceTime finally coming to Android and Windows might not be exciting for a lot of people since you are still not getting an app and it all works through an invite system, it is definitely going to expand the audience for FaceTime as anyone who gets a link can jump in a conversation without having to worry about

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