Apple Making Its Custom Power Management Chip for Future iPhones, According to an Analyst

Apple custom power chips

Developing its own software and hardware means that Apple has greater command over iOS running on its iPhones and iPad devices. However, since the company requires components from different manufacturers, the tech giant still does not have complete control over how its iPhones function, but it looks like all that is going to change in the near future, according to an analyst.

One Analyst Claims That Apple May Drop Dialog and Make Its Own Power Management Chips for Future iPhones

According to Bankhaus Lampe (via Reuters), Apple is looking to replace the PMIC (Power management integrated circuit) component that is currently being supplied by Dialog with its own custom silicon. The first iPhone and iPad models to sport Apple’s custom-made chip could be rolled out as soon as 2019, thus giving the company further control over its products. One reason why the analyst believes this is happening is because the tech giant has been aggressively hiring engineers from the 3rd-party supplier and already has a significant team of employees working on Apple-designed power management chips.

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If this story came as a shock, then what about the time when we reported that Apple was going to abandon Imagination Technologies’ PowerVR GPUs for its own custom developed chips? Power management chips manage voltage and charging across the components in a mobile device. To put it this way, with the exception of Apple’s larger iPhone lineup, the 4.7-inch variants have minute screen-on time complaints, and apart from the smaller cell present inside them, it would make sense for the company to replace it with custom chips so it communicates with the other internals more efficiently.

Still, Apple has a lot of hurdles in its path that it will have to scale first, starting off with the lack of experts it has under its employ. Sources close to the matter have stated that Apple’s 80-man engineer team does not even come close to Dialog’s 1,300 headcount and apart from this, they have critical intellectual property which if Apple uses, it will find its way straight to a court, so this is definitely not going to be easy pickings for the firm.

Do you feel that Apple’s custom PMIC and GPU will be found in iPhones and iPad devices starting from 2019? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments.

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