Apple Successfully Convinces iPhone Factory Partners to Use Renewable Energy to Make Its Mobile Devices


Apple is one company that presumably cares significantly about the environment, even if some of the steps needed affect its bottom line adversely. The company wants to run all of its operations on renewable energy and it has now added 15 more suppliers to the list of supply chain partners committed to using clean energy.

TSMC and Foxconn Among the Suppliers That Apple Has Listed in Its Program

With suppliers such as Foxconn and TSMC on board, Apple now has 44 suppliers in the program. The company also expects to beat its goal of using 4 gigawatts of clean energy in it’s supply chain by next year as it hopes to bring 5 gigawatts in that time frame. It is worth mentioning that the announcement is not a conformation that the new suppliers have already met this goal. Apple’s Vice President of Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives Lisa Jackson, said that she believes that the new partners are fully committed to achieving the goal but didn’t say if any supplier will be dropped as a result of failure to comply.

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Jackson further said that the Cupertino giant has the same environmental standards for its suppliers as it does for itself and that the company is committed to promoting a transition towards clean energy globally. Last year, Apple revealed that all its facilities as well as retail locations run on renewable energy only. While this certainly sounds impressive, it’s worth mentioning that 74 percent of Apple's carbon footprint comes from its manufacturing partners. Although the company now has 44 suppliers on board, it has more than 700 still left to go, meaning that a long road is ahead of the technology giant.

In addition to shifting to renewable energy, Apple also promotes recycling and waster minimization. The company had previously said that it deems environmental change a potential threat to its business and is taking further steps in ensuring that preservation is taken seriously. Other companies like Google has also committed to switching to renewable energy completely, ensuring that minimum impact is exerted on the environment.

It still remains to be seen if Apple’s suppliers share the same ambitions as the iPhone maker, and with that being said, we’ll have more updates for you in the future.

News Source: CNBC