Tim Cook’s Stalker Avoids Punishment From Law by Agreeing to Keep Distance From Apple’s CEO for Three Years

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Tim Cook’s Stalker Avoids Punishment From Law by Agreeing to Keep Distance From Apple’s CEO for Three Years

A woman accused of stalking Apple CEO Tim Cook has reportedly avoided state punishment by agreeing to terms that would force her to keep a significant distance from the company executive. According to the details, a restraining order has been extended to three years.

Stalker Agrees to a No-Contact Order, With Punishment Being Served Jail Time if Rules Are Not Followed

Under an agreement that was approved on Tuesday, Julie Lee Choi consented to a Santa Clara County Superior Court. The agreement states that Choi cannot come within 200 yards of Tim Cook during the next three years while also refraining her from attempting to communicate with the Apple executive using any electronic medium. These communication variants also include Twitter accounts and emails. If Choi breaks any of the court order’s rules, she could face criminal charges and be imprisoned.

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The stalking case originated back in 2020 when Choi began emailing Tim Cook. The nature of these emails forced Apple to submit a restraining order against her in January. One of the emails stated the following.

“Tim, if we are destined for our lives, any circumstance we can meet each other.”

There was also an incident where Choi showed up at Cook’s home on two separate occasions uninvited, where she warned that she may get violent. In December, another email was sent to Cook, where Choi told the Apple CEO that she would forgive him if she was given $500 million in cash. The technology giant has gone to great lengths to provide security to Cook, where in 2021, a whopping $630,000 was paid just to protect him, according to a disclosure to shareholders.

Hopefully, with the latest restraining order, Cook will be able to rest easy in his Silicon Valley residence as he preps himself for Apple’s iPhone 14 launch later in the year.

News Source: MarketWatch

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