Renowned Analyst Predicts That Apple Could Launch Its Smart Glasses in 2020, Followed by the Apple Car in 2023


Not a lot is known about Apple’s AR glasses, other than the fact that the tech giant strongly believes that augmented reality is going to be a multi-million dollar market in the future. This is one of the reasons why you continue to read rumours consistently concerning these smart glasses and a top analyst believes that these smart wearables could be launched as early as 2020.

Ming-Chi Kuo Believes AR and the Apple Car Will Be Able to Create the Next Trillion-Dollar Market Cap for Apple

Similar to how the iPhone introduced the industry to a multi-touch interface, augmented reality could take it to the next stage by combining digital and physical worlds through smart glasses. According to TF Securities analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, who is still not ready to abandon anything remotely related to Apple, stated the following in a note.

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“We predict that AR is the next-generation revolutionary UI; we therefore think that AR does not need any killer applications given it is a killer application already. We expect Apple will redefine the UIs of existing products by offering an AR experience created by the AR glass, which will likely be launched in 2020.”

Apple has hundreds of employees currently working on augmented reality tech, with some working on Apple's current augmented reality software for the iPhone, ARKit, while others are working on prototypes and other R&D projects. It appears that the California-based giant might be working on dedicated hardware and software for this product, so we do not expect it to be running a modified version of iOS, but something completely different.

Kuo also believes that the Apple Car could turn into the company’s ‘star product’ and could launch between 2023 and 2025. Apple is likely to tightly integrate services into the car, which could allow Apple to enter into the car financing market. To make this happen, the company has a large car division called Project Titan, and is currently running autonomous driving tests on California roads. However, the company has never revealed the extent of its automotive ambitions, but we’ll get to know sooner or later.

What are you excited to see first? The AR glasses or the Apple Car? Tell us down in the comments.

News Source: BusinessInsider