Apple Reported to Discontinue Its AirPort Router Lineup for Other Ventures

Apple AirPort routers discontinued

With faster routers readily available and with Apple not having refreshed its AirPort lineup of routers, the latest report claims that the tech giant appears to be getting out of this particular business.

Apple Is Relocating Its Employees to Work on Other Consumer Products – Perhaps We’ll See an Even Better AirPort Product Down the Road

Companies make the smart decision of not continuing a product when it doesn’t generate the expected revenue compared to other products, so we figure that is the possible course of action that Apple could be taking as far as its AirPort lineup is concerned. To recap, the company’s AirPort lineup comprises up of the $99 AirPort Express, $199 AirPort Extreme or Time Capsule products (routers that sport their own dedicated hard drives for a higher price tag). According to this report, Apple is reallocating employees to focus on its core consumer products that generate a vast majority of its revenue.

This could potentially mean that the company is going to be killing off this division, most probably due to pale revenue generation. However, it is also a possibility that Apple will be introducing newer products. With the 802.11ad standard expected to popularize in the coming months, we could see an AirPort Extreme satisfy the faster wireless standard while being backwards compatible with previous standards. In addition, AirPort Express was limited to just 802.11n, so it is also possible that we could be seeing an 802.11ac refresh down the line.

The AirPort lines have also been seeing discounts in recent weeks, suggesting that they are coming to an end-of-life. Routers are not the only thing Apple has been getting out of recently; it also has exited the standalone external display business. Though the relocation could mean a lot of things for Apple and its router business, we will wait for further updates to come through. Do you think that Apple should exit the router business, or introduce better models down the road? Tell us your thoughts right away.


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