15 Best Black Friday App Deals You Should Download Right Now


Some app developers have discounted their iOS apps for a limited time during the Black Friday holiday season in the U.S. For your ease, we have been tracking the App Store for price drops and free apps. We have got some incredible apps and games for your interest, which we will be sharing with you later on.

The apps we are about to mention have gone free for a limited time. There is no specific date or time defined to tell how long will they be free or discounted. The sales can end a week from now or it could be the next hour that they jump up to their original price. Once the deal ends, you will be charged for any download that you make.

So let's see our top list of 15 free and discounted apps for the Black Friday holiday.

ProTube For YouTube

ProTube For YouTube is on sale for the Black Friday holiday. The app offers ad-free video and the playback quality is selectable. The app is originally charged at $2.99, which can now be purchased for a mere $1.99 at the discounted price.


Normally, the app is charged at $0.99 which can now be purchased for free during this Black Friday holiday. GifLy allows users to convert live photos into Gif or Video which can then be shared on Facebook.

Screens VNC - Remote Access To Your Desktop

Connect to your desktop computer from anywhere in the world with VNC client and share your screen. Save 50% off the app during Black Friday. Screens is available for $9.99.

PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX

We're all familiar with our beloved PAC-MAN and PAC-MAN CE-DX is now available with even more content. The game is now offered for $1.99. Originally it costs a hefty $4.99.

Camera Roll Cleaner

Free up disk space on your iPhone or iPad with Camera Roll Cleaner. Simply swipe to delete or keep photos in your Camera Roll. Normally the app costs $1.99. Now you can download it for free.

iMusic Free

iMusic Free is a file manager as well as a media player that lets you manage your files from one folder to the other and even delete them. Get it free from the App Store right now.

Pixelmator For iOS

Edit your image with the powerful Pixelmator app for iOS. Pixelmator is offering almost 60% off on the image editing app for iOS during this Black Friday holiday. From $4.99 to $1.99.


Easily share your webpage links, images and text extracts to Twitter, Facebook and Ap.net from your iPhone or iPad. The app is now available for $1.99 from the original price of $3.99.

Infinity Blade

Infinity Blade is an epic sword fighting game which is now available for free from the App Store. Originally it costs $5.99.


Browse the web privately with the Tor-powered app, Onion, which is now absolutely free of charge. The original price for the Onion is $0.99. Download it right now from the App Store.

Todo for iOS

Todo for iOS is now available with a hefty discount of $4 for the holiday season. The app is now available for just $0.99 during Black Friday holiday. Download the award winning to-do list and task manage from the App Store.

Voice Reader

Read any text from your device with Voice Reader. The app is normally charged at $0.99 which is now available for free for a specific time.


Numberlys is a depiction of the alphabet origins. The game ranges in scope with adventure, mystery and a story. Download the game for free from the App Store. Normally, Numberlys is charged at $5.99 during the Black Friday holiday.


Manage your to-dos, memos and notes with Done. The app is easy to use and is absolutely for free for the holiday. It costs $0.99, normally.

Shot Shot Shoot

Shot Shot Shoot is truly the best multiplayer game for iPad which is now available absolutely for free. Originally it costs a mere $1.99.

That's all for our list of Black Friday holiday apps, folks. Which apps or games did you guys like the most? What are your suggestions about the list? Let us know in the comments if we have missed out on any important apps.