AOC Lauches the 16T2 Portable USB-C Touchscreen Monitor Featuring a 15.6″ Screen Size


AOC launches its newest portable touchscreen monitor which features USB type-C connectivity, this monitor is called the 16T2 portable USB-C Touchscreen monitor. This portable monitor features a 15.6" screen size and has a Full HD resolution.

AOC's 16T2 portable USB Type-C touchscreen monitor features a Full HD resolution, an 8,000 mAh Built-in battery, and even a Smart Cover

The 16T2 portable USB-C touchscreen monitor features not only a wide range of connectivity but also an 8,000 mAh battery that can power the screen and even charge a connected smartphone. The 16T2 portable USB-C touchscreen monitor has a thickness of less than a centimeter and comes with a foldable cover for either portrait and landscape orientations.

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Source: AOC

The 16T2 portable USB-C monitor features a 10 point capacitive touch display, and is certified with Windows 10 touch support and allows this monitor perfect for taking notes or even playing a mobile game.

This display features a Full HD resolution and has a maximum refresh rate of up to 16 Hz while having a slightly higher response time of up to 4 ms. This display features a Hard Glass rating of up to 3H which means this screen can take a bit of a beating before scratching.

For connectivity, this monitor features two USB Type-c ports and a single Micro-HGMI port. This allows for a wide range of connectivity with various devices like mobile phones and laptops. This increase in connectivity allows for a higher amount of productivity even while on the go.

This screen utilizes an IPS panel which allows for excellent viewing experience and creates fantastically accurate and brilliant color at a large range of angles. This monitor also features an anti-glare coating which prevents any reflections from on the screen.

The back of the 16T2 monitor features a VESA bracket, this monitor works perfectly as a kiosk display or as a mounted display monitor for your gaming PC.

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The 16T2 comes with an 8,000 mAh built-in battery which powers the monitor and can also act as a power bank charging everything from a smartphone up to laptops if needed. This monitor features a smart cover which covers the display but can be folded up to create a stand that can support the display in either the portrait or landscape orientation.

The 16T2 will be available at the price of £279, or $360.