AOC Announces V2 Series Of Slim Framless FreeSync Monitors Below $100


AOC, A brand that is well known for their budget, but still high quality gaming monitors has introduced the V2 series of its framless monitors with a slim design and IPS, the V2 series has 3 monitor models, they have released, a 22 inch, a 24 inch and a 27 inch model which are all only 1080P but feature FreeSync technology with an IPS panel and

AOC Releases New FreeSync IPS Monitors Under $100

The V2 Series offers great image quality at its full HD resolution; the monitor itself also features a gorgeous ultra slim design. The line uses an advanced IPS panel which produces brilliant colors and offers wide viewing angles. The monitor is perfect for home entertainment or professional tasks such as watching videos, editing photos or gaming.

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In addition to looking modern and attractive, the V2 Series' frameless design enables seamless multi-monitor setups for professional or home use. Users won't need to worry about large black bezels hampering their productivity.

The line's borderless display offers a detailed 1920x1080 resolution and fast 75Hz refresh rate. The panel has viewing angles of 178 degrees, allowing user to enjoy consistent color uniformity and accuracy at all angles. The V2 line also has a 20M:1 dynamic contrast with a 5ms response time, and features several different inputs, including one VGA and one HDMI for connectivity of all users' high-quality digital video and audio devices.

Additionally, the display uses AMD FreeSync technology for a seamless synchronization of GPU and monitor refresh rates, without sacrificing performance. This technology delivers a gaming experience with zero tearing or stuttering and no input lag when playing games or watching video.

Pricing And Availability

The V2 Series is available now at Amazon and Newegg for $99.99 for the 22V2H, $129.99 for the 24V2H and $169.99 for the 27V2H.

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