EA Denies Delay But Pushes Anthem Release Date Out to Early 2019 Nonetheless; Needs its “Own Launch Window”

Aernout van de Velde
Anthem E3 2018

The Anthem release date has been pushed out to early 2019, but according to EA, this isn’t due to development issues.

Last week’s report from website Kotaku suggested that EA delayed its highly-anticipated online action RPG to next year, but according to EA’s CEO Andrew Wilson, this isn’t the case.

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Wilson said as much during the publisher’s most recent financial earnings call with investors. “The first thing about Anthem is regardless of kind of how it's being portrayed, we are not looking at that as a delay in the game”, the EA executive said when asked about the title being pushed out to early 2019.

According to Wilson, the decision to release Anthem some months later is due to the fact that it needs its own launch window, and it doesn’t make sense to release the game next up to the new Battlefield. “We've chosen to launch Anthem in Q4 and the date is really determined by portfolio of balancing consideration not for product readiness reasons”, he continued. “It's tracking well on its development milestones. We are really confident of its ship date. We are really excited by the way the next battlefield is shaping up and it might set - it probably doesn't make sense to launch Anthem right up next to it. And when you think about Anthem as a brand new IP, we also believe it make sense to give it its own launch window so that we can give us a focus and attention that it deserve and give it some free air.”

So there you have it, Anthem is not being delayed – its release date has just been pushed back.

Anthem is slated for an early 2019 release on Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4. You can check out the game's reveal trailer from last year's E3 event down below:


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